Cooking by Numbers

TIP: Eating alone? Make breakfast for dinner!

Breakfast foods are usually easy to make, and they’re versatile enough for any meal of the day. Options are endless! Consider omelettes, French toast, breakfast burritos or pancakes.

TIP: Cooking for one? Switch it up with stir-fries.

Stir-fries serve up a whole lot of variety in one small meal. Start with vegetables that you can buy loose. That way, you get as little as you need, reducing food waste.

TIP: Get fresh with simple dinner salads for two!

A dinner salad is a simple solution for couples to crunch on a variety of veggies. Buy a container of baby spinach, mixed greens or arugula and make a few different salads this week. Top them with a little olive oil vinaigrette.

TIP: Cooking for a crowd? Big-batch cooking is a super supper solution

Big-batch dishes that you can make ahead help you feed a crowd. Lasagna, chili, curries and stews are all great options. Leafy green salads can be made a day in advance. Keep them in the fridge and add the dressing just before serving.


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