Cooking 101

TIP: Get steamy in the kitchen!

Tasty and nutrient-rich, vegetables should be the stars in your meals.

  • Steaming veggies until they’re just tender-crisp helps keep their fresh taste, nutrients, colour and crunch.
  • Steaming also takes very little time so you can get veggies to your table in a snap.

TIP: Baking bonanga! Balance your baking with simple swaps.

There are lots of tasty ways to make your baking a little bit healthier. Experiment by using simple substitutions in your favourite baked goods, such as replacing at least half of the enriched white flour with whole grain flour or replacing a quarter of the sugar with skim milk powder. You can also try replacing half of the fat in muffins, quick breads and cookies with mashed fruit or vegetables, such as unsweetened applesauce or puréed sweet potato.

TIP: Taste is king! Add some zing!

Healthy cooking is all about good taste!  Try adding some mouth-watering flavour boosters such as red pepper flakes, fresh lime juice, garlic, ginger and cinnamon.

TIP: Cook healthy! Get delicious results with good-for-you ingredients.

Use evaporated milk instead of cream, low-fat yogurt for mayonnaise, sweeten hot cereal with fruit, and use lemon juice, garlic, and herbs instead of salt.


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